Random Bits of Momness: Friday edition

1.  Is there any nicer feeling than the feeling you get on the Friday of a three-day weekend?  Ahhh.  While I’m on the subject, blessings on all veterans, past and present!

2.  Isn’t this a charming painting?

It’s called Bubbles, and it’s by the Victorian painter Sir John Everett Millais.  I remember seeing this painting when I was a child, and it was nice to encounter it again during a  Google Image search for something else entirely (don’t you love the serendipity of the Internet?).  It captures the sense of wonder that children have … don’t we all need to be more like a little child in this regard?  (I also  like the picture because bubbles figure prominently in my new book, too, both in the content and on the cover.  There’s something so evocative about them.)

3.  Fall has, at long last, come to Northern California.  The 80 degree weather of earlier this week has been replaced by rain and clouds.  I’m ready for it; there is something profoundly unsettling about sandal weather in November, which always makes me think of global warming and the melting polar ice caps.  But now, there is a lovely snap in the air.  

4.  Speaking of fall: have you ever tried the pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe’s?  It’s heavenly.  It’s amazing with maple syrup, but when you have it with warmed fresh cranberry sauce … well, if I didn’t already believe in God, I think this would be enough to convince me.   If you live near a TJ’s, trust me: go get a box and try it.  You’re welcome.

5. I was at the bookstore the other day, and was utterly psychologically unprepared for the sight of Christmas decorations.   And then I realized that if Thanksgiving is two weeks away, can Christmas be far behind?   I guess I’d better start looking for cute little holiday vests for the boys to wear.

Have a fabulous long weekend!

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