Random Bits of Momness: George Clooney, grading while coughing, and rogue haircuts

1.  Well, there’s only one more week of school until I’m on summer vacation.  As is typical of this time of year, I have been spending the last several days trying to level the veritable Matterhorn of grading that has accumulated in the last month.  What’s different is that this year, I’m doing it while suffering from a truly epic cold, which is making me feel (and, I suspect, look)  like death warmed over.   Not to put too fine a point on it, the timing of this stinks.  I am taking copious amounts of Day-Quil and trying to sleep more than usual (hah) and just holding on until the moment when either the cold passes or the grading passes, whichever comes first.

Teaching is not for sissies.

2.  I did take a break from schoolwork to watch The Descendants, a movie that was well worth two hours of my life.  George Clooney plays a man whose wife goes into a coma following a waterskiing accident.  While she’s in the hospital, he learns that just prior to the accident, she’d been having an affair — a revelation which complicates his already complicated feelings towards her.  On top of those crises, he has to play single dad to his two daughters (each of whom has her own issues) and also decide what to do about the huge tract of pristine Kauai land that has been in his family for generations and which developers are clamoring to buy.

It’s not your typical movie plotline, is it?  And I freely admit that I had to suspend some pretty major disbelief at the idea of any woman cheating on George Clooney (a reaction which surely puts me in the company of 98% of women over thirty).  But it was made believable through Clooney’s acting, which was nuanced and superb, and through the screenplay, which dared to go deeply into the complicated nature of family relationships.  It’s not a movie in which a lot happens; if you’re looking for action, don’t go here (though there was a frankly hilarious scene involving a one-sided fistfight).  But if you think that human interactions are endlessly fascinating, and if you want a movie that makes you think about how to regain equilibrium when a crisis rocks your life, and if you want to see some truly gorgeous Hawaiian scenery, then check out this film.  It will really make you think about what matters most in life.  (And kudos to Shailene Woodley, who played the teenage daughter and captured adolescent angst and depth so beautifully.)

3.  We took the boys for haircuts last weekend.  Ever since Matthew’s first clip at the age of one, I find that haircuts always make them look a little older, which makes my mommy-heart get all nostalgic.  This time, it was even moreso; the haircut lady went rogue and cut it a little differently and she even gelled their hair, making it stick up in front like some spiky trendy kid in a magazine ad.  I have to admit, I didn’t love it, though I did not attempt to stop her because 1) I am by nature a conflict-avoider and 2) I figured the gel would wash out in the bath, which it did.  So the boys no longer look like precocious tweens from a Disney Channel sitcom.  They look like my own sweet little cubs, just with shorter hair.  And that’s fine with me.

Happy Monday!  (if that’s not an oxymoron)?

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