Random bits of momness

1.  Happy Ash Wednesday!  (That sounds odd, doesn’t it?  Maybe “Blessed Ash Wednesday” is better.)    In keeping with the day, here’s a great little two-minute video from BustedHalo.  They do a wonderfully succinct job of explaining the meaning behind the day, and even got me reflecting on Lent in a new way.

2.  Remember that housecleaning post I did a few weeks back?  I’m happy to report that our house is looking neater than ever before.   I think this is because I’ve made cleaning more of a priority than I used to, and because Scott is now willingly pitching in to help.  (We’ve also started demanding more toy pickup from the boys, which we should have done a long time ago.)   This house will never be mistaken for the set of the Martha Stewart show, but it is amazing how much even a half-hour of intensive cleaning/organizing can help.  (It’s also amazing how much  more relaxed I feel, without those bathtub rings gazing at me reproachfully.)

3.  “Downton Abbey” is over.  Sniff.  The withdrawal is  painful — it’ll be a whole year before I find out what happens with Mr. Bates, and whether Mary and Matthew really do pull it off, and before I get to see whether poor overlooked Edith ever finds her man.   It is amazing how involved one can get in the lives of people who don’t really exist, isn’t  it?  (Thankfully, Scott gave me this book for my birthday, which is supplying me with a much-needed DA fix.)

4. Speaking of books, I was thrilled to be interviewed recently by Lisa Hendey about my book Mary and Me.   You can check out the interview on CatholicMom.com.  ( More info about the book — plus a PDF guide of book club questions — is available at this blog page.)  It makes for great Lenten reading!

5.  Since I think that  any day is better with a little Mary in it, here’s an image to lift your spirits.  It’s from a window at Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Boulder, Colorado, where we attended Christmas Eve Mass.    Beautiful, isn’t it?

Have a blessed Lent!

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