Reach out and touch someone

1-1211026630yTuzThis morning, Matthew was holding the phone up to his ear and chatting away:  a long toddler monologue that I was listening to with half an ear as I worked at the computer.   I assumed he was just talking to the dial tone.  It was only several minutes later that I realized that my parents were on the other end.   Somehow, he’d actually managed to place a call to them.

He did the same thing two weeks ago, using the redial button to initiate a very lengthy and detailed conversation with my neighbor.  I only found out about it when her granddaughter knocked on the door and asked, “Did you know that Matthew is talking to my grandma on the phone?”  And, when we were in New York, he managed to snag my sister-in-law’s iPhone, get past the disabling mechanism she’d set up, and place a call to Jordan.

It is very nice that he is building bridges with the Middle East.  At the same time, I see an ominous pattern here.  He seems to have a very active social life that he is conducting entirely without my knowledge.

A preview of the teenage years, perhaps?

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