Reasons to love

This post will be a bit of a hymn to — one of my favorite web resources for thought-provoking spirituality.  (Big old disclaimer: I’m a regular contributor there, answering readers’ questions about Mary.  This is not a paid endorsement, though — just one that comes out of my profound gratitude for what they do.)

If you aren’t familiar with BH, it’s a website sponsored by the Paulist fathers (otherwise known as my favorite order of priests).  And it recognizes that lots of people in their twenties and thirties are full of questions about faith, suspicious of large religious institutions, and not entirely sure how to reconcile spirituality with a secular culture.   I know that kind of person, because I used to be one.  (Actually, in many ways, I still am.)  It is not a website where people will judge you for the questions you raise.  It is a place where you can find out about Catholicism, where you can read people’s honest reflections on their own spiritual journeys, where you can learn how the sacred and the secular do not have to be at loggerheads with one another.

It also just won a big award: in the Associated Church Press awards in May, it won Best in Class for Independent Website and E-Zine.

But hey, enough talking.  Check it out yourself.  If you aren’t sure where to start, read this article about a cemetery for the anonymous homeless of NYC.  More than anything else I’ve read in recent memory, it’s a searing reminder of  Christ’s command to care for the “least among us.”

You can also try this gorgeous article about a young woman’s experiences volunteering in Lourdes, and the way that she got to know Mary.   It’s beautiful and heart-breaking.  (It will also explain the picture at the beginning of this post.)

And if you want to read some of my latest Mary answers, you can learn all about why Mary asked Jesus to help out at the Wedding at Cana, whether Muslims believe in the Virgin Birth, and how that whole free-from-original-sin thing actually works.  A new Mary answer is posted each Monday.

Happy halo-ing!

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