Remembering Christmas in the January Icks

We spent Christmas visiting family in Boulder, which is a fabulous place to be at pretty much any time of year.  I have to say, though, that I’m partial to the wintertime, because it actually snows there.     I’m a California native, so there’s a primal sort of thrill that I get when white stuff falls from the sky.   The day after we arrived, it started to snow, and it kept going for nearly a day … and yes, indeed, we had a lovely white Christmas.

Some of the family members even made a snowman, which was very festive.  The yellow scarf, incidentally, is courtesy of the neighbor’s dog.

But enough about the snow.  I saw some gorgeous images of Mary in Boulder, especially at church on Christmas morning.  The pictures below are all from Sacred Heart Parish on Mapleton Avenue (any Boulder readers out there?).  First of all, they had a beautiful creche:

I love the dove right above the Holy Family:

On the altar, they had this fabulous Mary and Joseph, clearly on the road to Bethlehem:

They also have a stunning stained glass window.  The photograph isn’t bad, but it looked a hundred times lovelier on Christmas morning, with the light of a snowy day behind it:

It’s crazy that Christmas feels like such a distant memory already.  Was it really only three weeks ago?   Something about January feels so sterile and blah, somehow.  I don’t know about you, but I sort of wish I could crawl back inside Christmas for a little while.   A few more fa-la-la-la-las, a handful of Christmas cookies, a candy cane or two, and a lot more reflecting on the Incarnation … that sounds just about right.

Of course, I can do the reflection part any time of year.  In fact, I pretty much marvel at the Incarnation every time I think of Mary.

Maybe that’s why I think of her so often.

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