Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  I usually come up with a few every year.  Sometimes, I actually keep them … at least for a month or two.

Here are three that I’ve got in mind for 2010.

1) Exercise more regularly. Yes, this is stunningly unoriginal.   I think I make the same resolution every year, which should tell you how good I am at keeping it.  I’ve got a Y membership, and yet somehow, ever since the school year started,  I rarely manage to get there.  Teaching and grading have totally swallowed up my workout time.  The other day, though, I took the cost of my monthly membership and divided it by the number of times I actually go in a month, and found that it’s currently costing me about $20 per visit. That is appalling.  It is extremely bad financial  management.  It means that I must either cancel the membership or start going more often.   So look for me on the treadmill starting January 1st.  (Okay;  January 2nd.)

2) Win the battle of the toys. We have a teensy house and two active boys and a whole slew of toys,  with many many small pieces.  Our living room very often looks like this:


Actually, this is the living room on a good day.   As you see in the photo, the toys are actually in the hugely ineffective storage bin.  Usually they are not, thanks to fifteen-month-old Luke.  He’ll pick up a toy, walk for a few steps, then pitch it back over his shoulder, like a picnicker tossing a beer can.   Most evenings I am literally demoralized by the mess.  A chaotic house seems to make my mind chaotic, too.  Something has to change, for my sanity’s sake.

So I’ve rallied my husband, and we’re exploring storage solutions for Matthew’s room and the living room.  We will probably implement some draconian new rules about putting-toys-away-before-you-take-another-one-out-of-the-bin. If any of you parents have suggestions about how to combat the toy problem with a one-year-old and a three-year-old, please share them.  I’m all ears.

3) Do more spiritual writing. Blogging is good and spiritual, but I miss the days when I would sit down with a blank notebook and a pot of tea and just write about faith and see where my thoughts lead me.  It’s really my favorite form of prayer, and I don’ t do it often enough.  Once again, grading is to blame.  I’m going to have to implement some sort of new change — maybe declare every fourth day a grading-free zone and write instead. Or something.  I’ll ponder it some more.  Again, I’m open to any ideas you can toss my way.

At any rate, I hope you have a very happy New Year’s!  May 2010 be a year of peace, happiness, and the achievement of your own resolutions & dreams.

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