Retreat Lite

33-1205357441iAtRIt’s been a while since I went on a retreat. Actually — let me do the math here — I haven’t been on a retreat since before my oldest child was born.  That means that it’s been nearly four years since I packed up, left my daily routine, and spent a weekend reflecting on my spiritual life in a lovely and semi-remote spot.

And oh, am I feeling it.

Honestly, though, I have no idea when I’ll be getting back into the retreat habit.  Seriously, it takes intensive strategic planning just to get to the movies for an afternoon.  How will I wangle an entire weekend away?

Thankfully, I’ve found a bit of a substitute out there.  We’ll call it Retreat Lite.  It’s the Three Minute Retreat, from Loyola Press.

If you click on the link, you’ll find beautiful photography, soothing music, Gospel passages, and guided reflection questions.  Each day is a new one, so you don’t have to worry about repetition.  I’m really digging them.  It’s great when I have enough time to visit in the mornings before work … it’s a lovely way to center my thoughts as I start the day, and to remember that there is more to life than the vagaries of the morning commute.

Check it out.  It’s not as renewing as a real weekend retreat, but there’s no babysitter required for this one —   and there are no lumpy beds, either.

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