Rose love

Would you be terribly bored if I showed you yet another picture of my roses?


I didn’t think so.


These are from my new white rosebush!  It seems to be thriving.  It’s always nice when a plant seems happy in the spot I’ve chosen for it.   And oh, the scent of these … what can I say … it’s beyond belief.   One of the rose websites described it as “strong honeysuckle,” and that’s actually pretty apt.   I chose this rose partly for the fragrance.  I always think it’s  wrong when a rose doesn’t have a scent.  Seems kind of like a cat without a tail, or a birthday without a cake, or … okay, I will quit while I’m ahead.

P.S. Do you like how I snuck Mary into this post?

P.P.S. No offense to any tail-less cats out there.

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