Set your VCRs (or, you know, that Tivo thingy)

This Sunday — oh, I’m so happy! — Masterpiece Theatre will be broadcasting the first episode of Emma, the latest adaptation of Jane Austen’s fabulously fabulous book.  It starts Romola Garai (who was so good in Daniel Deronda)  as the title character, and judging from the previews, it looks delightful.  I suspect it will be a keeper.

So I will get my husband to set the VCR, because after ten years with this machine I still don’t know how to do it myself (I know that the world at large has moved on to better things like Tivo, but we are afraid to get it because we fear our TV watching will increase exponentially.  Okay, I’m afraid that our TV watching will increase exponentially.)  And you know,  I think our trusty little VCR gets really happy when he/she gets to record a Jane Austen adaptation.   Okay maybe I’m projecting a bit.  But there is something about Jane that never gets old.  Maybe we are just all starved for courtship, romance, politeness, civility, and men in waistcoats.

Happy viewing!

Illustration of Emma by C.E. Brock.  Courtesy of Solitary Elegance.

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