Sharing the sky

On the evening of a day that was hotter than Hades, I found myself making an emergency run to the pharmacy for some necessities.  Going to CVS at 8:30 at night was not my idea of a good time.

But as I got to the checkout line and swiped my card, I happened to look up.  Outside was an absolutely glorious sunset, the kind that takes your breath away.  Because of the huge plate-glass windows and the wide parking lot outside,  there was nothing blocking my line of vision.  It was like having a front-row orchestra seat on nature’s best performance.

“That’s a really beautiful sky,” I said to the cashier.

She made a friendly and noncommittal noise, as if she hadn’t really heard what I’d said but still wanted to be polite.  Then she turned and saw the sky.  “Oh, wow, you’re right,” she said, and together we both gazed at it.   We commented on the unobstructed view: we probably had the best seats in town, as good a view as you could get inside.

She thanked me several times for pointing it out to her.  I realized I was very glad that I had .

It’s something I try to cultivate, this sort of mindfulness.  It certainly makes my life happier when I notice and savor the beauty that is all around me.  But I realized that night that it’s worth sharing the awareness, too, even if the other person is a total stranger and you have no idea whether they will even care.

That person just might be hungry for some transcendance, too; you never know.  And if they are, it’s very nice to be able to help them find it.

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