Some things are sacred after all


When you never had a brother, being the mother of two boys involves a bit of a learning curve.  One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the overall lack of — shall we say — social graces that seems to be a hallmark of the male under-ten set (and probably the over-ten set, too).  Loud and proud belches, fart noises, gleeful hypothetical statements about going poo-poo in one’s pants: this is standard stuff around here these days.

That’s why I had a pleasant surprise the other night.  We’d just wrapped up grace before dinner when Small Moyer Boy (I won’t say which one)  had something to say.

“Are you all  done making the sign of the cross?” he asked us.   “Because I am going to do a really big burp, and I don’t want to do it if people are still making the sign of the cross.”

I guess that’s called reverence, small-boy style.   I’m grateful he’s picking up these lessons somewhere.

Speaking of gratitude, I’m guest-posting today over at DotMagis ( the Ignatian spirituality blog) as part of their series on thankfulness.  I wrote about one of my favorite quotations, and about my recent efforts to respond to life’s little annoyances with something other than rolled eyes and “Why me?”s.

Happy weekend!

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