Spring break in the Sunshine State

If blogging has seemed a bit light around here lately, it’s due to a very good reason: a spring break getaway.  For six days, I was soaking up the sun in beautiful, balmy Florida (Jupiter, to be precise).


It was my first time ever in Florida.  My initial impressions, emerging from the Fort Lauderdale airport at about 6 AM (yes, we once again did a redeye from California; yes, we are gluttons for punishment)  were that it was 1) amazingly humid; and 2) home to a great many raucous birds, who were screeching it up in a palm tree near the straggly queue for the rental car shuttle.  Of course, at that point there was very little that was penetrating my consciousness (nothing dulls the senses like a sleepless night of child control at 35,000  feet).  Luckily, as we made it to Palm Beach County and I took in large quantities of Holiday Inn Express coffee, I began to feel human again and much more able to enjoy the beauties of the area.

Our reason for visiting Florida was primarily to see Scott’s parents, who were there for the winter.  And I have to say, I can see why they chose to settle there.  It is a beautiful coastline, absolutely beautiful.  The weather was incredible; it was  in the eighties every day.  I know that California is supposed to be the land of warmth and sunshine, but let me tell you, I was wearing a sweater and coat in San Francisco, and when I got to Florida, I couldn’t get them off fast enough.  It was the kind of weather that makes you want to smile all the time.

Going on a date with Scott (babysitting by Grandma and Grandpa: the best kind!) also put a smile on my face.

Relaxing by the water on a warm spring evening: heaven.

Also heavenly was the spa date that Scott’s mom and I had, courtesy of my very sweet father-in-law.  I got a massage and a pedicure (as you know from reading this blog, I don’t do this often, but I love it when I do).  I went with polish in a lovely shade of metallic blue, my souvenir of Florida.

Overall, it was a wonderful time.  The boys were fishes, swimming daily in the hotel pool and enjoying the beaches.  This nice little lagoon (called “Grandma’s Beach”) was perfect for the boys.  Heck, I enjoyed it myself.

Best of all, though, was our time with Scott’s parents.  We don’t see them nearly often enough, and it was great to share the experience with them.  The boys ate up the attention.  I think they are now suffering  Grandma and Grandpa Moyer withdrawal.  I’m pretty sure there is some major Matthew and Luke withdrawal going on as well.

And now it’s back to home, and reality, and loads of laundry.  But there are lots of good memories to sort through, too.  We’ll be enjoying those for a long time to come.

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