Stock-taking on a gray afternoon

Both boys are napping (a happy coincidence of timing!) so I am doing a little personal stock-taking here.  A good thing to do on a  Friday, I think.

Things I Still Need to Do, At Some Point (Hopefully Before 2010)

1.  Update baby books, both of them.  Luke’s is in particularly dire shape.  I am comforted, though, that I am not the worst offender: my uncle did not even get a baby book until he was in his early twenties.  Of course, he was the youngest of four kids, so we can let my grandma off the hook for that one.  With only two children in my nest, I do not have her excuse.

2.  Work on my blog site: specifically, include a blogroll.  Somehow this one always falls off of my radar.  Is it because there are too many good blogs out there, and every time I start to research them, I end up reading and getting utterly distracted?  Ah, the black hole that is the blogosphere!

3.  Clean out my wallet.  It weighs about five pounds, and no, it’s not because of bills.  It is where receipts go to die.

4.  Call the billing office of my son’s pediatrician because of a bill they sent me that should have gone to insurance … and oh, rats, they closed fifteen minutes ago.   Aargh.  I always remember this one too late.

5.  Write a blog posting updating everyone on my Great Prayer Experiment.

Speaking of which ….

Things I Am Very Proud of Having Accomplished Recently

1.  Praying with more intentionality and creativity.  January was the month of the rosary; February is the month of the Bible.   I am learning a lot through this Year O’ Prayer, and it’s only two months into it.  A more detailed update will come later.

2.  Getting myself back to the Y for some exercise.  I put my membership on hold for a few months around Lukey’s birth, then suddenly remembered that I had been reinstated in December and was not darkening the door of their fitness center, even though a monthly membership fee was being quietly extracted from my bank account.  So I’m back, baby.  I like using the treadmill; it’s a nice time to read (current YMCA text: Dreams From My Father, by our new president.  Highly recommended).

3.  Finishing my Christmas thank-you notes.  At least, I think I have.   Actually, have I finished them?

Hmmm.  If you gave any member of the Moyer family a gift and did not receive acknowledgement, please let me know.

4.  Pruning my roses.  Always a big task; now completed.  Huzzah!

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