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  1. Blessings on you, your writing and your family!

  2. Hello, I will be a first time mom in 2.5 weeks and I look forward to following your blog through my new journey as a mom. Warmest Regards.

  3. Congrats, Jocelynne! A fabulous new adventure awaits. I hope you enjoy the posts.

  4. Hi there – just found your website through your lovely Blessed is She reflection and I am so glad. I am a mom of 4 just finishing my first book to be published, but feel really drawn toward teaching English at a school. And we used to live right near Glens Falls so I loved your tribute to your FIL, but are now back in our home state of NH. Blessings!, Katie

  5. Katie, thank you! It’s so great to meet you and so nice to hear about all the little threads of connection we have. What is your book about? Blessings, Ginny

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