Summer plannin’ had me a blast

Ooh, I like summer.  And I have big plans for this one.

Below, in no particular order:

1) Reupholster this chair.  The arms are literally threadbare, and the bottom is sagging.  Some TLC is in order.

I have no idea how old it is, only that it belonged to my grandparents, and we have a photo of my parents sitting in it circa 1966.  And I adore it.  It’s the right height to rest your head, and it fits perfectly in this part of the living room, and most of all, it reminds me of Grandpa, who liked to watch TV in it.   I want to give it a new lease on life and keep making memories in it.

2.   Write.  And write some more.  I’m finishing up a project that has been on my hard-drive (and in my heart) for about two years.  More on that later.

3.  Throw a party for my mom, who is celebrating sort of a big birthday this summer.  (I won’t say which one.)

4.  Get a foundations expert in to determine whether our dining room floor really has started to slope, or whether it’s just my imagination (please God let it be just my imagination…).

5. Do some curriculum development for school so I can pick up a little extra cash to help defray the cost of #1 (and, in a worst-case scenario, #4 as well).

6.  Visit upstate New York (annual trip to see Scott’s folks), Lake Tahoe (staying with family friends), Monterey (ten-year-wedding anniversary getaway — yay!), and Santa Barbara (family get-together).  Phew.

7.  Enjoy being a mom, and just a mom.  As much as I like teaching, it’s nice to have only two kids who need my help and encouragement for a change.

What are your summertime plans?

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