Sunday evening blues

1-1238082335N19xWhat is it about Sunday afternoons and evenings?  They always feel tinged with doom and sadness … it’s that old “the fun is almost over” feeling.   Somehow, knowing that I have to set the alarm the next morning can totally poison what could otherwise be a lovely few hours.

To quote the title character of Bridget Jones’ Diary: “I hate Sunday.  Always feels like homework day.”

But does it have to be this way?  Well, no, it doesn’t.  There are certain things I can do to neutralize that icky old feeling.  In fact, I already know a few little tricks to help un-Sunday Sunday.

1) Don’t work on Sunday evening. For teachers, this is a hard one to pull off, that’s true.  But I learned a few years ago that if I can get the lesson prep or grading done earlier in the weekend, then Sunday evening can be a pleasant time –  a time for doing fun things, like folding laundry while watching British comedy reruns on PBS.  (Truly, that is fun.  It beats the pants off of grading, at least.)

2) Get outside. The last two Sundays, I’ve snuck out in the early evening for a brief walk around the neighborhood.  Both evenings, it’s been cold (California cold, but cold all the same!) which is invigorating.  There’s that smoky cool smell in the air, and the holiday lights are up, which is a treat.  Something about putting one foot in front of the other at a fairly brisk pace always gets me out of the spin cycle of funky sad thoughts.

3) Count blessings. I’m actually lucky; I have a job that I really do love.  Lop the last five words off of that sentence, and there’s another blessing right there.  I’m lucky that I do have a job to dread setting the alarm clock for. (Oh, there I go ending my sentence with a preposition!  And I call myself an English teacher?)

4) Invite God into the blues. Sunday is the Lord’s day, after all.   Putting my little funk out on the table, letting God know how I’m feeling, praying about the challenges of the work week ahead — well, that always helps.  It centers me, you know?  And it reminds me that I’m not spinning these crazy plates alone.

So those are my top four.  Do you do these things, too?  — or are there other ways that you reclaim Sunday evening?

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