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Mary Behind the Wheel

What happens when a Fisher-Price Nativity Set, a Tolo Car, and a fifteen-month-old come together

or, What Happens When a Fisher Price Nativity Set, a Tolo Car, and a Fifteen-Month-Old Come Together

I came upon this scene one evening last December. I know my son was the one who put her there, but I get a kick out of imagining Mary actually choosing this particular mode of transportation. Heck, if I had a choice between going to Bethlehem on a lopey old donkey or taking a convertible with flashing headlights AND real “vroom vroom” noises, I’d go with the latter, too (wouldn’t you?).

Incidentally, a day or so later, one of the Wise Men ended up in the John Deere Farm Wagon. Life is never boring with a toddler in the house.