Thankfulness X 3 — “Back to School” Edition

You remember that feeling you used to get around the end of August, when you could count the number of remaining vacation days on one hand?  You remember it, right? — that sinking-in-the-stomach feeling as you realized that time was moving you, relentlessly and mercilessly, toward the start of  another school year?

Well, teachers feel that way, too.  This one does, at least.

So it’s a good opportunity to rip off three things that I am thankful for.

1) I’m thankful to have a job that I do, in fact, like. Teaching English is  many things, but it is absolutely 004-Fifine-q75-445x500never boring.   And can you think of another job where you get paid to read and talk about books that you love?

2) I’m grateful for the summer that I’ve had with my boys.  Since June, I’ve seen Lukey learn to navigate his way confidently around the room, holding onto the furniture; I’ve seen Matthew become a bubble-blowing junkie who talks a blue streak; I’ve had wild family adventures at the library, in the air, and in the semi-wilderness.  Good times (except for that library one, maybe).

3) I’m thankful for my fabulous colleagues: for the in-jokes, the inspiration, the department potlucks, and that cozy “Cheers” feeling … you know, that sense of being where everybody knows your name, and is always glad you came.

Good stuff.

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