Thankfulness X 3 — “Pass the Kleenex” edition

I have my first cold of the fall.  It’s a real rotter, too: my ears are plugged, I feel like there are lead weights strapped to my limbs, and I can barely taste the decaf tea I just brewed.  The sad thing is, I’m actually MUCH better now than I was a day ago. That is something to be thankful for.

So, without further ado:004-Fifine-q75-445x500

1.  I am thankful that –  being neither pregnant NOR nursing –  I can take Day-quil, Ny-quil, huge quantities of Vitamin C, and all sorts of other things to try to get past this nightmare as quickly as possible. During my last cold, I could not take anything for fear that it might affect Lukey.  But there are no limitations now, baby!  Crack open the zinc lozenges!  Let’s go crazy!

2.  I am thankful that this cold hit on a three-day-weekend, and that I have (HOPEFULLY!  FINGERS CROSSED, KNOCKING ON WOOD!) gotten over the worst of it before returning to school. Actually, I’m still not entirely sure I’ll be in fine teaching trim tomorrow; I’ll have to see how I’m doing when the alarm goes off.  But I am hoping I’m over the hump, so to speak, and can proceed to delight and engage teenage minds tomorrow as planned.

3.  I’m so grateful that my husband, who came down with the cold the same time I did (Saturday evening; 9: 40 ish)  is feeling better than I am. He starts RCIA tomorrow and needs his strength.  Plus he was able to look after the tykes today while I took a much-needed noontime nap.  All good stuff.

Okay, I know it’s “Thankfulness X 3,” but I’m going to throw in #4 …

4.  I’m thankful that tomorrow, September 8, is Mary’s birthday! Hurrah!  Because I’m in a Dayquil fog, I won’t write anything about the feast day here, but I will kindly draw your attention to last year’s birthday thoughts, if you’re interested.  Oh, and don’t forget that the Mary and Me giveaway closes tomorrow night!

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