Thankfulness X 3

I’ve been wanting to create a “regular feature” on this blog.  Nothing huge; just a little writing “template,” if you will, that I revisit each week.  And so I thought of creating one called Thankfulness X 3.

I’ve been thinking about gratitude and mindfulness lately.  This has been spurred on by my ongoing hunger to  enrich 004-Fifine-q75-445x500my prayer life and to be more in the now.  I also had a bit of a health scare last week.  Though we don’t have all the answers yet, it does not look as bad as it did six days ago, and for that, I’m very grateful  (still, I won’t turn away any prayers that are cheerfully offered).   But it did make me stop and think about all that is valuable and beautiful in my life.  I don’t ponder that often enough.

So here’s my idea: once a week, I’m going to sit down and rip off three things that I’m thankful for.  My goal is not to overthink it; just to list three things, from the huge and glorious to the seemingly silly and insignificant.   For example:

1) I’m grateful for my new white rosebush, which seems to be thriving.  Some of the blooms look a bit brown around the edges (thrips, maybe?  Any rosarians out there to help diagnose?), but the fact that there ARE blooms is quite exciting.  Plus their fragrance is heavenly.  Oh, if only I could put a little scratch n’ sniff on this blog, and you could smell for yourself!  (How about it, WordPress?)

2) I’m thankful for time spent with my cousin and her kids, visiting from far far overseas.  We all had dinner today at my parents’ house and the three oldest kids beat the heat by running through the sprinkler and spraying each other with waterguns.   Three decades ago, my cousin and I were probably doing exactly the same thing, in exactly the same spot.

3) I’m grateful for the feeling of crisp clean sheets on the bed.  On a hot night, there’s absolutely nothing better.

So that’s my first three.  More next week!  (or earlier, if the spirit moves me).  And I invite you to do the same, if you are interested … you don’t even need to have a blog.  Just think of three things that you’re grateful for. Guaranteed to lift your mood.

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