Thanks for the memories

If this post feels a bit disjointed, it’s because I’m still recovering from the jet lag incurred on our trip to upstate NY.  It was our yearly pilgrimage to Moyer country, and in spite of my waking up at 4:30 this morning and being unable to fall asleep again, it was a  trip that was totally worth the effort.

A few weeks back, our pastor gave a little presentation on the Ignatian examen of consciousness, a form of prayer typically done at the end of the day.   It  involves reviewing the day and looking for places where you saw the goodness of God (I’m giving a pretty lame explanation of it here, but that’s what happens when you have been awake since 4:30 A.M.).   And it occurred to me that this might be a good way to review the trip as well,  a way of solidifying the memories and fixing them more firmly into my consciousness.

So here we go.

1.  I’m grateful for time spent with family: with Scott’s wonderful parents, and his sisters, each of whom rearranged her plans so she could join us for a time.  It’s not enough time — it never is — but it is still a blessing.

2.  I’m grateful for a day spent on the lake on a rented boat, feeling the wind and drinking in the wooded rocky shores and getting to see my little boys, in their bulky orange life preservers, take turns “driving” the boat.

3.  I’m grateful for an evening at a waterfront restaurant with Scott, just the two of us. (Grandparents are amazing babysitters — enthusiastic, reliable, and free.)  As is my tradition on my rare dates with Scott, I ordered a drink of a color not found in nature.  It was heaven in a cocktail glass.

4.  I’m grateful that this year, my boys finally got over their quirky fear of the marvelous carousel at the Farmers’ Museum.  I was getting a little tired of having to ride it all by myself.

5.  I’m grateful that our flights both there and back happened without incident.  (I still bear the psychic scars of the trip out east when Matthew was nine months old,  and we ended up with a cancelled flight and a night spent in the Philadelphia airport).

6.  I’m grateful that Scott’s parents live in a place that looks like this.   I’ll never get tired of this view.

7.  I’m grateful that my boys get to make memories in another part of the country besides California.  I’m grateful that they will remember the feeling of the cool lake waters, the dark thickness  of the forests, the wild daisies and lilies growing by the side of the road, the buzz of motorboats on the lake, and — most of all — the hugs of their two favorite New Yorkers, Grandma and Grandpa, who love sharing this part of the country with us.

It was a very good week.

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