The Best Gift My Mom Gave Me by Heidi Saxton

What’s the best gift your mom gave you?  That’s the question I’m asking  writers, bloggers, and other cool people for my new series of guest posts.  This week, it’s a joy to have Heidi Saxton here to share her thoughts!   Heidi is an adoptive mother and wife, and author of several books including My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories (Tommy Nelson) and Raising Up Mommy (Simon Peter Press). Her blog for mothers of adopted, foster, and special-needs children is “The Extraordinary Moms Network.” She is editorial director of Ascension Press.  Thank you, Heidi!

“You bring ’em to us, and we’ll love ’em.”

I didn’t realize what a remarkable lesson in love this was until much later. I didn’t realize that not EVERYONE is as open to adoption as my family has been.

That simple affirmation of acceptance: “You bring ’em to us, and we’ll love ’em” was a pledge of love and acceptance that both my parents have made, and kept, for the past eight years (since we got the kids).

In a way, this pledge is at the heart of all good parenting. For better for worse, for dirtier or cleaner, for naughtier or nicer. I will love you, no matter what.

Of course, in some ways this can be easier to do as a grandparent. If the kid ticks you off, you can just hand him back to mom and dad. Even so, this pledge of love, whether or not it is returned with the same level of enthusiasm, is one that I’ve been forced to contemplate from time to time. “Yes, my darlings, I will love you EVEN WHEN . . . ”

*  even when I’m sleep deprived.

*  even when you’re being rude and mean.

*  even when a million things are vying for my time and attention.

*  even when the very last thing in the whole world I want to be is a wife and mom.

Yep. You come to me, and I will love you. Even when.


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