The best-laid Mother’s Day plans

Here’s how I WAS going to spend my Mother’s Day:

1) Relaxing morning at home with hubby and boys

2) Fun lunchtime picnic at the park with the boys, Scott, and my parents

Here’s how I AM spending my Mother’s Day:

1) Dealing with bizarre facial swelling which has spread to neck and hands, rendering me almost unrecognizable even to myself (an allergic reaction to something — probably the Evil Trees of Satan).

2) Impromptu visit to the After Hours Clinic while my parents take the boys to the park (the doctor gave me a shot that he said would stop the swelling.  Here’s hoping).

So the day is not going exactly as planned.  But, looking on the positive side:

1) I have access to medical care — on a Sunday, no less.

2) I get to hang out with my fabulous parents and my sweet boys and my heroic husband — even if not at the park, as planned.

3) It’s a beautiful, springy day.

4) I’ve always got Mary on my side.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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