The broken record

Today in class, I was telling the students about one of my colleagues, who has amassed a fabulous collection of slides from his trips to England over the years.  Then a belated awareness of my audience crept in.

“How many of you have ever seen a slide projector?”  I asked.

In my class of 26 freshmen and sophomores, about four hands went up.

It was one of those moments when I felt like an absolute fossil.     These kids have probably never seen a slide show, never used a phone with a cord, never listened to a record.  It makes me wonder if certain references — like calling someone a “broken record” — will end up getting phased out of our speech.  I sure hope not, because it’ s just too good an expression to give up.  ( It’s  also the metaphor at the heart of my latest column, which is all about the one sentence that I say over and over to my kids … and when I say “over and over,” believe me, that doesn’t even come close to expressing it.)

Somehow, calling myself a “scratched CD” doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?

Turntable picture found here.

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