The first of many, I’m sure

Saturday was Matthew’s first visit to the ER.  The occasion?  A face-first whack into the hard part of a bench, resulting  in a lip wound (the precise details of which I will keep to myself because they are just too horrifying to share).

If you’ve ever seen a two-year-old get facial stitches, you’ve probably seen the elaborate restraint system that they use.  It looks like something from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Not easy for a mom to see.  But he was a trouper  — very composed and calm while a strange doc hovered over him doing strange things with strange instruments.   The doctor and nurse were highly impressed with my brave little soldier.  He got an orange popsicle and a lavish amount of praise.

And me? Well, I’m hanging in there.  I felt horribly woozy at the initial sight of the wound (I’m the type who faints easily), but, as I hustled my bleeding boy and his little brother to the car, I realized that I needed to pull it together.  Fainting was not an option.  It just wasn’t.

And I’ve now been broken in.  That’s a good thing … because, see, I have two boys.  What are the odds I’ll be in the ER again someday?

Pretty darn good, I’m afraid.

6 responses to “The first of many, I’m sure

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry that had to happen. I think it’s harder on Mom and Dad to see that happen.
    Hugs and kisses work miracles.

  2. AWW… poor little guy! Glad he’s ok. Congratulations on ‘pulling it together’… lucky boys to have such a great mom!!

  3. Nancy — yes, hugs and kisses are the best medicine. Some Thomas the Tank Engine toys don’t hurt, either!

    Aww, thanks, Jennifer. I guess it’s true about how parents rise to the occasion when they have to.

  4. Yikes! Sounds like a tooth went through his lip. No worries. They tell me chicks dig scars, so much like his mom, this simply means that Matthew is ahead of the curve; he’s getting a jump start on being a “babe magnet.”

  5. Ginny, so sorry to hear about Matthew’s fall.

    I too have made a few trips to the ER (and believe you may have been present as I headed out to the ambulance for the first one). Funny thing is, I’ve never taken my son to the ER. Now that I think about it, we’ve only been there with our daughter. So not every boy makes it his second home.

    Hope he heals well and feels better soon.

  6. Michael, you called it. Did this happen to you when you were a kid?? Or have you been hanging out with rambunctious toddlers lately?

    Maria, I well remember that moment … still an emotional one to think about! Thanks for the good wishes!