The five hundredth post!

Holy cow … this is my five hundredth blog post.    I can’t believe I’ve written that many.  I was pregnant with Lukey when I started way back in 2008, and now he is a strapping two-year-old.  Matthew, who was barely talking in complete sentences,  is now a four-year-old who can write his name.  And me?  Well, I’m  a little grayer, a little more wrinkly, and a little bit wiser.  Life does that.

People often ask how I find time to write.  I always answer that it’s my outlet, my sanity-saver.  And really, no matter how busy you are, you make time for the things you love and need, don’t you?    I love writing because it gives me a chance to play with words, my artistic medium of choice.    And I need writing because in a life that is so often oriented towards the needs of others, it reminds me that I still exist as my own person.  It sounds strange to write that, because I don’t in the least begrudge my kids, my husband, or my students for the time I give them.  But writing affirms that my inner life, the life that ponders and questions and reflects, is still a vital and valuable part of this person called Ginny.


As a way of celebrating this milestone, I went back through the archives, and plucked five posts (one from each hundred)  to share here.  I’ll call it a “Mary and Me Retrospective,” which makes it sound terribly grand.  At any rate, these are five posts that I’ve always kind of liked, and which I think give a pretty good sense of what this blog has been for me for the past two and a half years.

And to all those who are reading this: thank you for doing so.  A blog without readers is a journal, and though there is nothing wrong with journals, I’m always gratifed that people find my random musings interesting enough to read, ponder, and comment on.   I hope you enjoy reading the next five hundred, too.

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