The fortune cookie said I had to do it


If it’s on my fridge, I might just remember to do it.

I opened a fortune cookie a while back and this was the message inside: Treat yourself to something of quality.

My first reaction was Oh, goodie, can I?  And my second was to start thinking about what “something of quality” actually means.  What comes to mind when I read this phrase?

Here are a few things:

*A day at a high-end spa

*A crazy-expensive bottle of really good wine, the kind you drink only once in your lifetime

*A handbag that is a cut above my usual Old Navy/J C Penney ones

*800 thread count sheets

*A night at, say, The Ritz

*A first-class airplane ticket (whenever I fly steerage — which is all the time — I look covetously at first class and their leg room, their real meals and dishes, their private bathroom.)

None of these is actually likely to happen, given the reality of the Moyer budget, but this is still where my mind went first.  And then I thought: Why do I hear the phrase “something of quality” and automatically think of pricey things?  Aren’t there plenty of other quality things and experiences that don’t cost half my monthly salary?

*A cup of really good coffee

*A walk in a beautiful place  (like Filoli, where I hope to go again soon)

*A feel-good movie (lately I’ve rediscovered “Strictly Ballroom,” which is one of the most happy-making films I know)

*A quiet summer evening in the backyard

*A book that you just can’t put down

*A book you loved as a child and revisit as an adult, realizing that it’s just as good — or even better — than you remembered

*Some really focused writing time at a favorite cafe

*A quiet half-hour spent in prayer

The items on this second list are, actually, within my budget.  With a little planning and dedication, I can make them happen.  In fact, I think I’ll regard this as my “summer to-do” list; I will probably add to it as the weeks go on.

What about you?  What is something of quality that you’d like to treat yourself to this summer — or maybe even this week?


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