The Holy Family and their day job

A while back, I blogged about the benefits and hazards of having a Little People Nativity set. Trust me: it has gotten even more exciting since then.

A week or so ago, when Matthew was playing with the Little People Fire Engine, I realized that the firefighter who normally occupies the driver’s seat seems to be on vacation.   Filling in for him?  St. Joseph.  Naturally, being a blogger and all, I immediately got the camera to record this unique event.

I swear, I did NOT put Matthew up to what happened next.   Really, I didn’t.  Of his own volition, he went and got another figure to put beside Joseph.

Wouldn’t you be psyched if you called the fire department, and Mary and Joseph showed up at your door?  Can you think of a better couple to have on your side in an emergency?

While I was marveling at the symbolic and theological significance of this, it got even better.  Once again:  I swear I did not influence this in any way, shape, or form.  Off went Matthew to the Nativity Scene, and back he came with the third and final member of the rescue team:

At this point, I put the camera away.  Nothing Matthew could do with his Little People could ever, ever top that.

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