The housekeeping chore you’d gladly skip

What is the housekeeping chore you hate the most?

For me, it’s a toss-up. If you’ve been following this blog lately, you’d probably guess vacuuming. That is admittedly one of my least favorite chores. I hate dragging the darn thing around, barking my shins, banging the furniture, and always having to stop to switch attachments. Perhaps, for Christmas, my husband can buy me one of those space-age Oreck vacuums that are supposed to make the chore an absolute pleasure. Or perhaps I should just delegate Hoover duty to him. That seems far more economical, and frankly, it’s usually what happens anyhow.

IMG_4293-1But even more than vacuuming, I hate picking up kids’ toys. It’s unfortunate that I feel this way, because we do have kids, and those kids have — well, not a TON of toys, but a modest number of toys that have a ton of pieces each. I’m talking about Legos, and blocks, and train sets with little crossing guard signs, and these wonderful alphabet and number puzzles. When my son wants to play with these puzzles, the teacher in me thinks, What a great way for him to learn his letters! The housekeeper in me thinks, We’ll be finding vowels under the sofa for weeks.

So what’s your least favorite chore? And how do you make yourself do it? (or do you?)

8 responses to “The housekeeping chore you’d gladly skip

  1. I’ve never enjoyed housework but I do like having things clean and orderly. Once I decided that was hopeless, I adapted.

    When I was working, there were some days when I would think, “I’d actually rather stay home and do laundry and clean up the house,” and occasionally that would be enough motivation to get a clean house for a very short time:-)

    Now we have wonderful lady who comes every two weeks and cleans for us. I’m sure that God sent her. At the end of each year, I think back to decide what is the best thing that happened that year. For the past two years, it has been “having her to come” and dust, change the bed, straighten what can be straightened, mop the floors, and clean the shower. She never acts like it’s a pain. She is very matter of fact and cheerful in spite of the fact that there is a LOT of clutter stacked here, there, and everywhere. Today she also hung some wet clothes on hangers and filled the finch feeders. I thank the Lord for sending me this angel.

  2. I actually love to vacuum… it’s my favorite! 😉 I would have to say dusting is my least favorite. But, I like to be in a clean house… so that is movitation enough to get in done… at least once in a while!

  3. Trish Plunkett Hurley

    My least favorite might be toss-up between cleaning the bathroom and changing sheets on beds- especially bunk-beds! I actually somewhat enjoy doing dishes (weird, I know) and folding laundry (excuse to watch t.v. at night?) True cleanign confessions: after #2 was born, we caved and got a housecleaner. It is ridiculous and indulgent but when we’re both busy at work, it’s really great- for our sanity, our relationship and health concerns re that dirty kitchen floor! (but the night before she comes, you have to run around picking up random puzzle pieces etc or you never know where they’ll end up!)

  4. I actually like dusting, oddly … maybe because it’s a chance to handle all the knicknacks and photos frames that remind me of special people/times/etc. Jennifer, how about I go to your house to dust, and you come here to vacuum? 🙂

    Kay and Trish, I have to say that I’ve been tempted to hire someone to come in for the twice-monthly cleaning. It does seem like it would be good for my sanity! But we just signed someone on to mow the lawns for us (thus giving my hubby some well-deserved weekend free time), so we’ll have to wait on that ….

  5. Scrubbing the floors! Ick. I think I’m in shape and then end up panting and sweating with my knees aching. And then they just get walked on again anyway – imagine that!

    Cleaning the toilets! Yuck!

    Dusting… too much detail for me. Plus, it was always my sister’s job growing up and I still never feel like I should have to do it! Fortunately, Katherine has taken on this job, voluntarily, carefully dusting surfaces that never caught my attention. She grabbed a rag on her own and did a great job all over the house yesterday – she even wiped off the outside railings! – while I got dinner ready.

    Scrubbing the gunk, mold, and dead trapped insects out of the windowsills. Blech!

    Oh, I guess I could go on and on… there just always seems to be something more interesting to do than to clean! The only thing that is “okay” is cleaning the sinks – something about having that one thing clean is so satisfying – and it doesn’t require too much sweat or contact with too much gunk.

  6. I actually like vacuuming, but only since we bought a vacuum with a canister that needs to be emptied. There is something very satisfying about seeing all the dust, lint, hairballs, and sand picked up by the vacuum falling into the trash can. In fact, I am about to go vacuum right now.

    The chore I seem to hate the most and put off the longest is ironing. I do treat myself with a good TV program while I’m doing it, but I have never been able to enjoy it. I’ve tried to stop thinking of ironing as something that needs to be done and start thinking of it as something I do for my husband (as it’s mostly his shirts that I iron). Somehow it gives it a bit more meaning and makes me more willing to face the task.

  7. Laundry is my number one detested chore! I have blogged about it a few times and am working on another story about it. I’d rather write about laundry than actually do it! (Who wouldn’t?). Laundry is followed closely by dusting. Aren’t bunnies supposed to be cute?

  8. Oh, wow, isn’t it fascinating how different we all are? One woman’s hated chore is another woman’s — well — TOLERABLE one! (somehow, it seemed inaccurate to put “loved” there … these are chores, after all).