The housekeeping chore you’d gladly skip

What is the housekeeping chore you hate the most?

For me, it’s a toss-up. If you’ve been following this blog lately, you’d probably guess vacuuming. That is admittedly one of my least favorite chores. I hate dragging the darn thing around, barking my shins, banging the furniture, and always having to stop to switch attachments. Perhaps, for Christmas, my husband can buy me one of those space-age Oreck vacuums that are supposed to make the chore an absolute pleasure. Or perhaps I should just delegate Hoover duty to him. That seems far more economical, and frankly, it’s usually what happens anyhow.

IMG_4293-1But even more than vacuuming, I hate picking up kids’ toys. It’s unfortunate that I feel this way, because we do have kids, and those kids have — well, not a TON of toys, but a modest number of toys that have a ton of pieces each. I’m talking about Legos, and blocks, and train sets with little crossing guard signs, and these wonderful alphabet and number puzzles. When my son wants to play with these puzzles, the teacher in me thinks, What a great way for him to learn his letters! The housekeeper in me thinks, We’ll be finding vowels under the sofa for weeks.

So what’s your least favorite chore? And how do you make yourself do it? (or do you?)

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