When the little things are huge

For many of us moms, life is a crazy juggling act.   It involves weighing the competing demands of children, job, marriage,  housework, and exercise (what’s that again?).  It involves making sacrifices that you don’t want to make, cutting corners that you don’t want to cut, and just longing for a day off so you can let your stress level subside to something healthy again.

And for me, last week was Exhibit A in this kind of nuttiness.

But in the middle of it all, my son handed me a picture he’d drawn.    It was a little underwater scene, with fish and a dolphin and a bird and other marine life.  And somehow, through the magic that is a child’s creative gift, I felt the stress releasing its grip. After all, how can you keep on feeling crabby when you are looking at a crab as cute as this?


It’s a fundamental truth of motherhood: sometimes, the little things are huge.  I’m learning that one tiny drawing, presented with a proud smile and a small-boy hug, has the  power to redeem even the roughest toughest week.

What is one little thing that is brightening your life today?

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