The Man in the Background

It’s funny: the older I get, the more affection I have for St. Joseph.  Not sure why that is, really.  Maybe it’s because I’m a mom now, and I see — from the other side, the parents’ side — how beautiful it is for kids to have a strong father figure.   Maybe it’s because Mary has become more real to me, and therefore, so has her husband.  Whatever the reason, I have a growing spot in my heart for this quiet man who protected and raised a child that was not biologically his own.

That’s why I was pleased to come across this nice tribute to St. Joseph, written by James Martin.  He’s the Jesuit who has written, among other books, the engaging My Life with the Saints.  The article is worth a read, even on über-busy Christmas Eve.  It just may make you look at your Nativity Set in a different light.

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