The week, in mindfulness

So things are not totally rosy at the moment.  I strained my lower back the other night and it’s remarkably painful, the kind of pain that makes you wait till all the students are out of the classroom, lock the door, then lie down and do a grim round of back exercises.  Last night I treated the pain with an adhesive heating pad and a relaxing glass of cabernet, which was somewhat helpful, though Vicodin would have been better.   (Who is the patron saint of back pain?  Must investigate.)

But I’m rolling with it, and thinking about how things could be worse, and remembering the nice little things that have happened lately (mindfulness being one of my strategies for maintaining sanity while I attempt to Do It All).  And here are a few lovely little moments/experiences/images of the last several days.

1. Making homemade cranberry sauce. It’s very easy to be mindful when you are looking at these lovely little jewels on the stove, and hearing their fascinating little muffled pops as they burst their skins.  It’s pretty mesmerizing, and the result tastes SO good (especially served warm with pumpkin pancakes from the mix at Trader Joe’s).








2.  A warm wonderful weekend.  Last Saturday, we took the boys to a pumpkin patch in San Francisco (yes, they do have them; there was even a hayride!) and the day was unutterably gorgeous.  There’s nothing like a warm day in the city, when the pastel candybox colors of the houses look so beautiful against the blue sky and happy people flood the parks and the Panhandle.  It was a day to remember, and proof that if you want to see San Francisco at its best, come in the fall, not the summer.

3.  This view of the sacristy at church.  With the sun projecting the stained glass colors on the walls and floor, it was like being inside a kaleidoscope.















4. Halloween evening, in which I escorted a very cuddly shark and a very cute policeman around the neighborhood for treats.  There were epic levels of excitement at our house.  I think I had as much fun as they did, watching them both participate wholeheartedly in one of the best of childhood’s rituals.  My parents joined us, which made it all even nicer.

5.  A very nice email from a friend, about my latest article.  It really touched her, and that reaction touched me.

6.  My pink rosebush, which has been exploding in blooms lately — the last gasp of summer. “They’re florist quality!” raved my mom, whom I sent home on Monday with some not-yet-opened blooms.  I’ve got multiple vases of them in the house,  loving my final rose fix of the year.






So that’s me!  What made you happy this week?

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