Things I’m Learning About Boys, Volume 1

Boys have always been somewhat mysterious to me.  I never had a brother.  As a kid, I spent very little time with boys, mostly because our neighborhood was overrun by girls.  So I came into this whole mother-of-sons thing with a profound lack of firsthand knowledge about the opposite, hairier gender.

I am making up for lost time.

Living in a house with three males, ranging in age from two to forty-something, I’m starting to notice certain things about male behavior, male preferences, male habits.  For example, I’m learning that there is some deep, magnetic attraction that men have to anything that is remote-controlled.

Two years ago, for Matthew’s second birthday, Scott picked out a remote-controlled helicopter for him.  It is, shall we say, rudimentary.  It has all of two control buttons, and it doesn’t even pretend to get off of the ground.  But it was a huge hit.

Not only was it a hit with Matthew, who sat there happily pushing buttons, but it was a hit with the other, more mature males at the birthday party.  They patiently watched Matthew put the helicopter through the paces.  Mere seconds after Matthew moved on to another toy, I looked up to see my dad holding the remote, pushing buttons, while the chunky little aircraft spun around under the chair legs.  Matthew’s godfather stood by, watching, awaiting his own turn.

Two years later, that rotund little helicopter has been joined by a  far more sleek, aerodynamic model (my gift to Scott last Christmas.)  It buzzes around the room, sounds like a mosquito on steroids, and makes both Matthew and Luke ecstatic with glee.   Anytime we have guests over and we demo the helicopter, you can see the males in the group practically dying to get their hands on the controls.  I, by the way, have still never tried it myself.

Oh, boy.  There’s just so much to learn.

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