Think before you vent


So you know that beautiful passage from Ecclesiastes 3: “A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot”?  Well, I’m thinking that they left out “a time to vent freely, and a time to self-edit.”

This morning, as I was taking both boys to the pediatrician for joint visits (and running about ten minutes late, of course), I ended up stuck behind some woman in a blue hatchback.  She was moving at the pace of — oh, how can I put this? — a geriatric escargot.   As we rounded a corner, I could see that she was talking on her cell phone (which, incidentally, is illegal here in sunny California).  That got my ire up.  I’m not the kind to holler at passing motorists — and she wouldn’t have heard me anyhow, jabbering on her phone — but I had to vent my frustration.

“Get off the phone and drive, lady!” I yelled.

“Get off the phone and drive, lady!” came a small boy’s voice from the backseat.

I have  been duly chastisted.

Let the self-editing begin.

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