This has absolutely nothing to do with Mary

Want to know my recipe for a perfect evening alone?  It has three key components:

1.  Cup of tea

2.  Comfy couch

3.  Television adaptation of a British literary classic

It’s true: I’m a major literature geek, so I love any and all BBC miniseries featuring women wearing corsets.  Over the years, I’ve seen tons of these literary adaptations.  Like any other red-blooded English nerd,  I’ve got a few personal favorites: Daniel Deronda, The Forsyte Saga, the iconic 1995 Pride and Prejudice, to name a few. It would be fun to analyze why I like these miniseries so much.  I think the great costumes and gorgeous English scenery has something to do with it.   It’s just so dang easy to lose myself in these wonderful dramas.

At the moment, I’m lost in Cranford.  I got this DVD from the library a few days ago, and I’m hopelessly hooked.  It’s a marvelous story — lots of interconnected stories, actually — of a British village in the 1840s, and the various characters who live and love and learn together.  It stars Judi Dench (boy, is she good!) and a whole fleet of other fabulous actors, many of whom look naggingly familiar (thus far, I’ve recognized Soames’ mother from The Forsyte Saga; both the squire and the stepmother from Wives and Daughters; Lydia from the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice; Charlotte from the Matthew MacFadyen Pride and Prejudice; yes, I could go on).  Truly, though, this series is a treat.  I’m less than halfway through, and already I’ve laughed [often], cried [once], and marveled [continuously] at how well the BBC does this kind of thing.

‘Nough said.  I’m going back to the TV.  Can’t wait to see what happens with  Miss Matilda (Judi Dench) and her past flame … or with the young doctor and the girl he loves …ah, the delicious drama of it all.

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