This is summer? — Plus pretty picture

Yesterday on the radio, I heard that the Bay Area was experiencing its coldest summer in 40 years.  That is (ahem) longer than I’ve been alive, so in other words, this is the chilliest July that I have ever experienced.  I’ve worn flannel pajamas the last two nights (no joke), and I am currently in the throes of a very heinous summer cold (shouldn’t that be an oxymoron?).  Last night was a bit of a rotter, especially when I realized we had used up our Ny-Quil last spring.  Kind husband just bought me a huge box at Target, so tonight should be better.


But enough of the little pity party.   Let’s take a look at something uplifting, like Mary and Jesus.  This lovely image was sent to me by a reader a while back (thanks, Gabriel!).  I adore non-European images of the Madonna and Child.

Have a warm, congestion-free day.

And if you are thinking of visiting California, bring your coat.

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