Thought for the day

“[W]e believe that God desires us into being.  He desires our wholeness so much that he allows himself to be broken for its sake.  He awakens our desire for him by pouring his own Spirit into our lives.  Our hearts long for him, we say, just as a river seeks its ocean home.  The whole of creation lives and grows under the impulse of desire.  Every new life springs from a moment of desire.  Every flower is pollinated by attraction and desire.  Every step of discovery is made out of a desire to go beyond, always beyond, the horizon of the known.  Every meal we eat, the very sustenance of our living, is taken because our bodies express their need of food in the desire that we call appetite.

Why, then, do we feel the need to suppress our own desires?  Is it possible that our deepest desires flow in the same eternal stream as God’s desire for us and for all creation?”

— Margaret Silf, Close to the Heart: A Practical Approach to Personal Prayer

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