Time to play Name that Saint!

Calling all practicing Catholics, lapsed Catholics, cradle Catholics, wannabe Catholics, and anyone who has ever been intrigued by Catholic iconography and/or kitsch:

It’s time to play NAME THAT SAINT!

See if you can identify the holy folks below.   (Hint: look at the symbolism of the objects in the pictures with them.)   Answers are in the comment box below.  (And no cheating, people  — this is a game about saints, after all.)

Ready?  Here’s #1:

(Yeah, that one was easy.  I’m warming you up.)

#2: Girl holding a little lamb.

#3:  No lamb, but lots of armor.

#4: This guy was prominent enough in life to have an official portrait painted of him.


#5: Exterminators could learn a thing or two from this fellow.

#6: What’s she got on that plate?

#7: A more recent saint, obviously — one who experienced a very dark chapter of human history.

#8:  This saint probably never thought that she’d end up lending her name to pyrotechnics.

Answers in the comment box!

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