Time to wear the saints bracelet again

Since it’s a pretty big day in the Catholic liturgical calendar, I thought I’d put Monday Musical on hiatus and focus on All Saints’ Day instead.  Frankly, this is one of the most fabulous feast days I know (and yes, I have the jewelry to prove it).

My affection for All Saints’ Day goes way back.  When I was a kid in Catholic school, November 1st  was always a school holiday.  This was golden because it meant that no matter what, we always had the day after Halloween off. It made not a whit of difference if Halloween fell on a Tuesday, say, because we knew we could stay up super-late collecting, counting, and consuming candy.  We were the envy of all of our non-Catholic friends.

Now, as an adult, I love All Saints’ Day because I love what it celebrates.  I love knowing that there is this massive assortment of very interesting and good people up there in heaven, always ready to pray for me whenever I need them.  That is seriously cool.   I have my favorite saints, of course, like every Catholic does; this column from last year explains it in more detail.

This is also a meaningful feast day because Lukey was baptized on All Saints’ Day, two years ago.   That has a practical benefit, namely that it’s super-easy to remember his baptism birthday.  But it is spiritually meaningful, too, because it was  great to see him welcomed into the Church and to reflect on the fact that “Church” means not just those of us who are currently on this earth but actually all of the people up there in heaven, too.  Lukey has a ton of people praying for him.  That means a lot to a mom.

And before I go, let me share this short video from BustedHalo.com. The intrepid Father Jack took to the streets of New York City to ask what people know about the saints.  It’s good, saintly fun, and a chance to learn a thing or two as well.

Happy All Saints’ Day!

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