Tuesday evening grab-bag of randomness

1.  This is a terrible time of year for teachers, isn’t it?  The kids are squirrely, we’re fried, and somehow we all have to pretend that we have enough energy to make it through June.  I was talking to a colleague today, and we both agreed that we are not on our A-game these days.  “I feel like everything I say in the classroom is just blather,” she said.  “The kids are surly, and I’m inane.”   I know exactly how she feels.

But we soldier on nonetheless.

2.  In brighter news, I got a blogging award from my friend Gardenia.  Yay!  Thanks, Gardenia!   I love warm fuzzies!   When my brain is less fried I will pass it along to other bloggers.

3.   Since we are in the middle of May, I want to share this lovely Mary that a reader sent me a while back (thank you, Helen!).

I love the serenity and beauty of this picture.  It just makes me feel calm, you know?  I know that in reality, Mary had far from an easy life;  being an unwed pregnant mother, giving birth in a stable, fleeing as a refugee to a foreign land and seeing her son tortured and killed is not exactly what I’d class as serene.  And I do like those rare paintings that show a realistic, gritty Mary.  At the same time, though, I also like the beautiful ones like these.

I guess it comes down to this: there are moments in my life when I need to picture Mary as fitting right into my own messy existence, and then there are times when I need her to be the beautiful lady that gives me peace.  I love that she can be both, at the same time.

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