We have a winner!

So this morning, I woke up, got breakfast for my hungry Lukey, then wrote down the names of all of you wonderful ladies who entered  the giveaway.  I put the names into a hat (well, in this case, a metal pail)

and picked one.  And winner of the September 2010 Mary and Me giveaway is:

Toni Ladd!

Congrats, Toni!  I hope you enjoy the book!  I will be sending you an email to get your address.

To all of you who participated, thank you!  It is a good thing that I chose from a hat and did not have to try to choose a favorite from among your entries, because I would never have been able to pick.  Your memories of Mary were so moving, sweet, and heartfelt.  I wish I’d known you back in 2007, when I was writing the book; I would have loved to include these remembrances.

So thank you again for sharing.  I wish you a wonderful weekend.

And one more thing: on this sad anniversary, maybe we can all offer a prayer for the intercession of Our Lady of Peace.   Just like any mom, I know she wants all of her kids to get along  and to treat each other with dignity and love.   May God bless our country and our world … and may we begin to recognize that what unites us can be stronger than what divides us.

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