Wedding bliss

Oh, what fun I’ve had watching the royal wedding this evening!  It absolutely did not disappoint.  Various impressions:

*Gorgeous dress.  Kate couldn’t have chosen better.  And I love that she had her hair down for the wedding (I did for mine, too.  If you’re a brunette, long hair looks great against a veil).

*I loved seeing all the Britons lining the streets to watch and cheer.  There was such a happy, positive, proud atmosphere.  For all the tabloids and gossip magazines, you can’t help coming away feeling that the people watching are full of nothing but good wishes for the new couple.

*The music was lovely.  (You could tell it wasn’t a Catholic ceremony, because the people in the pews were actually singing.)

*I realized another reason why I connect so much with this wedding: because, like Diana, I also have two boys.  I got choked up watching William and Harry get out of the car at Westminster Abbey, two brothers and friends.  It brought back those sad memories of seeing them walk behind their mother’s coffin.  At the time, I remember feeling so terrible imagining those young boys growing up without a mother.  I feel that even more acutely now that I have sons of my own.  It was extremely moving to see them so happy, supporting each other and sharing a day of such pure, total joy.

* The sermon (is that what it’s called in an Anglican service?) was lovely and reverent.  Marriage is a change of lifestyle, a change of circumstances, a change (in some cases) of name.   I loved having God as a part of that transition during my own wedding, and it was beautiful to hear those sentiments expressed today.

* When it came right down to it, Scott did watch the ceremony with me.  He made a few memorable comments here and there (when William promised to endow Kate with his worldly goods, Scott quipped, “That’s no small promise, is it?”).   I liked watching the royal wedding with my own Prince Charming.

*As we waited for Will and Kate to come out on the balcony, we pulled out our own wedding album and reminisced.  Lovely as today’s ceremony was, I still think  my own wedding was the best one I’ve ever seen.   And you know what?  That’s a great way to feel.

Best wishes for the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!  Here’s to a fairytale marriage for a fairytale couple.

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