Weekend ramblings

1.  I just saw my first lilacs of the year out on a walk with the boys.   Man oh man, what is it about those flowers?  They just stop me in my tracks.   I can’t imagine anything that shouts “Spring!” more eloquently than those beauties.  Seeing them the other day made me very, very happy.  It’s the little things in life that matter, right?

2.  I’m on a real Mary Stewart kick these days.  (Some of you longtime readers might recall my gushing about The Ivy Tree, my first of her books.)  I recently read The Moonspinners, and I’m just starting Wildfire at Midnight.  I’m tempted to call her novels “escape reading,” except that “captive reading” is probably a more appropriate moniker, given that her books exert this powerful force over me that makes me helpless to do almost anything but keep reading.  That gal sure knew how to spin a plot.   The settings are exotic (Crete, the French Alps, the Isle of Skye) and her  heroines are timeless: though most of her books were written in the 1950s and 1960s, the female protagonists are resourceful, independent, and totally likable.   Imagine Elizabeth Bennett thwarting treasure seekers in Delphi, and you get the picture.

3.  It seems that the Moyer family has at last escaped from the Dark Realm of Sickness (that sound you hear is me knocking on wood till my knuckles turn blue).  Ever since February, we’ve all been plagued in turn by various coughs, colds, and viruses.   But now … well, we’re in pretty good shape.  And I should take this opportunity to share something that saved my sanity and my sleep during my own illness: a fabulous home remedy for coughs.  I first discovered it when I was pregnant with Luke, and was desperate to find something I could safely take.  It’s a concoction of ginger, cayenne pepper, white vinegar, honey, and water, and yes, it is truly vile.  My theory is that it works because after one taste, your body is psychologically broken and willing to agree to any demand you make  (“DON’T make me take anymore!  I’ll do anything you say!”).  Seriously, though, it was leagues more effective than the prescription cough suppressant my doctor gave me.  And so I share it here, in the hopes that it may bring you comfort the next time you are hacking away.

Have a lilacky, cough-free weekend.

Lilacs in a Window by Mary Cassatt

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