Well, we have work to do

You really have not lived until you have chaperoned a group of kindergarteners on their fieldtrip to the local fire station.   The sight of a whole class of five-and-six-year olds in red plastic hats is pretty high on the adorable-meter.  Add in their tangible excitement at seeing the firemen slide down the pole and their earnest questions about fire safety, and it’s quite the day.

But perhaps the most memorable moment came shortly after we arrived, when the fire chief talked to the kids about reporting an emergency.

Fire chief: What number do you call when you have an emergency?

Kids: 911!

Fire chief: Let’s talk about what “emergency” means.  Is it an emergency if your younger brother pulls your hair?

Kids, laughing: NO!

Fire chief: Is it an emergency if your dog bites your ice cream cone?

Kids: NO!

Fire chief: Is it an emergency if your mom falls on the ground and isn’t moving, and you keep calling her name but she doesn’t answer you?

Kids: NO!

I won’t take it personally.

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