What do Maria von Trapp and Danny Zuko have in common?

It is one of my profound regrets that I never made it to the Singalong Sound of Music when it was in San Francisco  several years ago.  I am an ardent fan, and I can think of few more enjoyable ways to spend an evening than belting out “The Lonely Goatherd” in the company of hundreds of people dressed as nuns.   Missed opportunities; sigh.

But apparently, there is another opportunity on the horizon:

Of course, the odds of me making it to the city in the next few nights are basically nil.  But wouldn’t it be fun to belt out the lyrics to “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee,”  just as I used to do when I was twelve — especially now that I am finally old enough to understand them?

So if you get to attend, in San Francisco or in some other place, please sing extra loud for me.

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