What’s on YOUR t-shirt?

My husband has had an unusual career trajectory, to say the least.  After many years in software programming, he got a theology degree and now works in ministry.  And when you are a techie who works in a no-tech environment,  you get a lot of requests for computer help.

“How was your day?”  I’ll ask.

“Well, it didn’t quite go as planned,” he’ll say.  “The church office harddrive crashed, so  I spent about two hours working on that, and then someone else got a new laptop and needed help installing a few things ….”  and so on.

So for Father’s Day, I got him this shirt, from the Signals catalog.

He loves it and has already worn it twice, including once to work, where everyone apparently laughed at it good-naturedly before asking him to fix a virus problem.

I’ve got my own favorite shirt.  This is a few years old and has some mystery stains at the hem (coffee?), but I love it like crazy.

If you’ve read Mary and Me, you  know that there’s a woman in there who talks about seeing a shirt like this on a guy in a San Francisco parish.  That story was all it took for me to Google the phrase and find this (it’s from cafepress.com, if there are any other Mary nerds out there).

Great slogans are not just limited to clothing, of course.  A student of mine gave me this bag as a gift (also from cafepress.com, I believe), and it made my day:

Even my boys got into the slogan game.  When they were infants, they sported  two very cool onesies, both gifts from my uncle.  Matthew got this one:

… and Luke got this one:

This may seem like a frivolous topic, but in fact, fun t-shirts can be a great point of connection.  I was wearing my Mary shirt to a local café a while back, and the barista behind the counter  saw it and grinned from ear to ear as he poured espresso. “That’s an awesome shirt,” he told me.

Who knows?  If I hadn’t been in such a rush, we could have gotten talking about all kinds of things, like faith and the general fabulousness of Mary. T-shirts like this help you out some part of yourself, whether it’s your identity as a computer geek, an English teacher, or a Catholic who believes that Mary has a pretty great sense of humor.   And when you do, you discover that there are a lot more of your kind out there than you thought.

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