When kids get it [adorably] wrong


My kids are pretty young, which has its downsides.  There are lots of little tasks, like brushing teeth and tying shoes, that still require our help.   Concepts like “Mommy and Daddy would like to talk for a few minutes without interruption” are hard for the three-year-old mind to grasp (and, frankly, hard for the five-year-old mind to grasp, too).  Toughest of all, we’re not out of the diaper woods yet, even though it feels like we’ve been wandering in them about as long as the Israelites wandered in the desert.  So yes, a part of me looks forward to those mythical Easier Years when the boys will dress/bathe/shoe themselves and I will no longer have to hold an odiferous pull-up at arm’s length while scurrying to the trash bin.

That said, there are things my kids do right now that bowl me over with their cuteness.  There are things they say that make me grab the pen and notebook and put their quotations down in writing, so these observations don’t slip through the cracks of my memory and disappear forever.  And some of the most memorable of these quotations are when the kids get something wrong.

To wit:

*About a year ago,  Matthew informed me that he goes to a “Montessaurus school.”  (I believe the “Montessaurus” was the dinosaur who learned at his own pace and got to choose his own activities.)

*On Easter Sunday, my mom the Easter bunny put a plastic Slinky into each of the boys’ baskets.  According to Luke,  the Easter Bunny gave him a “Stinky.”  It’s an honest mistake, really, if you figure that “stinky” is a word with which he is not unfamiliar (see reference to pull-ups, above).

*While watching a nature show, Matthew commented on the fact that some animals are chased by “creditors.”  (I actually think that one is brilliant.  Being deeply in debt, being stalked by a lion through the savannah — it’s probably pretty much the same feeling.)

What are your favorite “kid sayings”?  Have your own kids (or grandkids, siblings, cousins, etc.)  gotten a word or saying adorably wrong?

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