When Matchbox cars misbehave …

… they get a time out.


According to Matthew, the cars were “pushing” each other as they ran along his plastic track.  Strict disciplinarian that he is, the offending toys were promptly banished to the corner.

The cars took their punishment well.  They sat silently, stoically, until Matthew liberated them.  There were no screams of “I don’t WANT a time out!”, no feet drumming on the floor, no tragic sobs.  They haven’t misbehaved since.

If only I could say the same about their owner.

2 Responses to When Matchbox cars misbehave …

  1. Oh, too cute! I’m glad his cars behaved themselves. Had THEY acted up in time-out, well, that would hace been a different column alltogether!

  2. Yes indeed, Jenifer — and it would have been a great plot for a kids’ book, too! 🙂