Who says we don’t have fall in California?

Here are some photos from my wanderings in the past week.










The tree below is a liquidambar tree; I always remember it from my childhood, because the street where my piano teacher lived was lined with them.


When I was young, I loved to walk down her street in the fall.  The leaves were not only gloriously colorful, but they dried so nicely and made such a satisfying crunch when you waded through them.   I can still hear them, and feel them under my shoes.  Isn’t it amazing how those memories stay with you?


Even inside the house it looks like fall, thanks to this bouquet from my thoughtful guy.

I think my kids may be getting tired of me oohing and aahing over the beauty and color I see all around me.  On the other hand, isn’t that what moms are for — to help you develop an appreciation for the important things in life?

Happy fall!

6 responses to “Who says we don’t have fall in California?

  1. Ginny, I believe your color is better than ours. Terri would love a couple of those red leaves just to convince her new British friends and colleagues

  2. We have some amazing trees around here, for sure. The difference is probably in the number. With a few exceptions (like the street scene above), our colorful trees tend to be single ones here and there. We don’t get whole forests of color like you do.

    I still want to get out East sometime in the fall, at the height of the color! It’ll have to be when I retire, I guess … 🙂

  3. Gorgeous! I’m loving the trees in my Nor Cal neighborhood too. When I lived in LA, this was my favorite time of year to visit my parents. It’s just magical!

  4. I agree, Amy — I went to college in SoCal, and the color there was nothing like what we have up here. I think it’s at its peak just about now … so lovely.

  5. Yes, the colors are making me so happy–and yesterday, for some reason, after the storm, I was very pleased to see all the patterns the fallen leaves make glued to people’s cars. 🙂

  6. You have the soul of an artist, Tarn! I love it.